As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (S.A.)
Cathie Can Help!

If your dog exhibits any of these behaviours when left alone, or away from 'their special person'...

  Excessive Barking  Howling or Whining House Soiling (pee and / or poop)  Trembling or Shaking Destructive Chewing ▪ Excessive self grooming, self harm ▪ Scratching at doors or crates, trying to escape ▪ Pacing around the house ▪ Heavy Panting ▪  Vomiting  Drooling ▪ Frantic attempts to stop you from leaving ▪ Frantic greetings on your return  Refusal to eat
...this May be Separation Anxiety.

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Separation Anxiety Training is a long and intensive process and requires a commitment to a minimum 4 week program, which includes up to 16 Training plans, Weekly Live Training Sessions and daily support and encouragement. 

*Note*  If your Vet recommends working with a qualified SA Trainer, your pet insurance company may reimburse a portion of the SA training cost!

Cost: $650.00