If your dog exhibits any of these behaviours when left alone, or away from 'their special person'...

  Excessive Barking  Howling or Whining House Soiling (pee and / or poop)  Trembling or Shaking Destructive Chewing ▪ Excessive self grooming, self harm ▪ Scratching at doors or crates, trying to escape ▪ Pacing around the house ▪ Heavy Panting ▪  Vomiting  Drooling ▪ Frantic attempts to stop you from leaving ▪ Frantic greetings on your return  Refusal to eat
...this May be Separation Anxiety.

As a Certified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant, I understand how upsetting and challenging this can be!  Let's have a chat! 

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Separation Anxiety Training is a long and intensive process and requires a commitment to a minimum 4 week program, which includes up to 16 Training plans, Weekly Live Training Sessions, video review, support and encouragement. 

*Note*  If your Vet recommends working with a qualified SA Trainer, your pet insurance company may reimburse a portion of the SA training cost!

Location:  Sessions are virtual, so your dog can be observed while 'alone'
Cost of 90 Minute Consultation & Assessment - $230.00 plus tax, deducted from the program fee when purchased. 
Cost of a 4 Week Program - $800.00 plus tax, Includes Daily Training Plans, up to 20 in total, and unlimited support via What's App.  Ask about our payment plan!

Questions, please email cathie@cathiescanineconnection.com