Puppy Play & LearnGroup Socialization Program 
with FAMILY  Participation!

~  Puppy Play & Learn is exactly how it reads.  It's Puppy Play, with Purpose! ~
We offer OPEN ENROLMENT, SO... Your Puppy Can Join us Right Away! 
We sanitize the floors, for your puppies safety, before each session!
Every Wednesday evening 5:30pm and 6:35pm &
 Every Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm and 4:35pm. 
Sessions are 40 minutes with a short potty break mid-way

Your Puppy's First Session is FREE!!!
***  For Puppies, Aged 9 to 20 Weeks ***  

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Why do we accept puppies so young, and before having all their shots? 

Because, the MOST IMPORTANT time for positive early learning, socialization, ends at only 12 weeks of age!
Click  >>> HERE <<< to read the * A.V.S.A.B Position Statement on Puppy Socialization.

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Every Monday you'll get a reminder email about the upcoming Wednesday PPL sessions, and also on Friday about the upcoming Sunday PPL sessions.   
Step 3
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Every Tuesday evening, you will get an email with the complete PPL schedule, your puppy's placement for the upcoming Wednesday Sessions, and on every Saturday evening, fo Edit Sectionr the upcoming Sunday sessions . This email will include our  location and instructions, also outlined below. 
How does Puppy Play & Learn (PPL) work? 

Puppy Play & Learn is a SAFE SPACE for socialization, where we actively manage interactions so that ALL the puppies have a positive experience! 

No Puppy Parties here BECAUSE puppies can become easily overstimulated, overwhelmed, scared, and even develop poor social skills. 

Upon entering the facility, families with their puppies are directed to sit in a specific area, while keeping their puppy on leash, until all gates and doors are locked.  

Next, through thoughtful integration and staff supervision, puppies leashes are removed and they can begin to move about the area, and meeting one another.  The trainer narrates and describes the puppies social interactions.

Families will be participating and learning to observe their own puppy, and the others while they interact safely and:
  • Meet new People, and often young children 
  • Meet other puppies  
  • Practice their dog / dog social skills 
  • Play and / or observe other puppies 
  • Learn to share toys, space, and their humans
  • Experience novel objects,  surfaces and sounds 
  • Build confidence
  • Learn to inhibit their bite through play
  • Learn body awareness
We also take breaks and share techniques with families around how to help their puppies learn to settle themselves, and to lay calmly in proximity to the others, without always having the expectation of play.  A Calm Puppy is Priceless!
These positive experiences significantly help to shape young puppies into confident and happy puppies, so as they continue moving through development, they are in the best position for success.

Especially Shy or Fearful Puppies receive extra support.  They may held in our arms, or may be nearby with their family in a separate comfortable and safe area, able to observe the other puppies.  

Later, these pups may be gently introduced to one, or more hand picked puppies, (by the trainer), always ensuring that their experience is positive and successful.  

Extra bouncy puppies, are just as important to support.  Staff may pause play with gentle interruptions, and / or create space to lower arousal levels. 

It is truly amazing to watch each & every puppy's transform, often over just a few sessions. 

Training Center 
 305 Cedar Street,  New Westminster, BC 

*Days & Times:  
Every Wednesday @ 5:30pm & 6:35pm 
Every Sunday @ 3:30pm & 4:35pm
(we require a minimum 3 puppies to run a group) 

Sessions are 40 minutes long, with a short outdoor potty break mid way.   In between PPL Sessions we sanitize for the floors for puppies safety. 

 *subject to change

To Purchase Additional Sessio  ns

ONE Session $29.95

TWO Sessions $57.95

THREE Sessions $79.95

"Cathie and her team are amazing trainers with tons of valuable knowledge, any pup or older dog is in great hands with her!"
—Manda Beth
"Puppy play and learn is super helpful for puppy socialization! Cathie is great!"
—Dorota Staszczak