Cathie Tims,  (she/her)
CPDT-KA, CFFP, Certified Separation Anxiety Consultant
Founder, and Head Trainer of Cathie's Canine Connection & Co. Inc.

Hi, I'd like to personally welcome you to Cathie's Canine Connection & Co. Inc. 

In my nearly 20 years as a dog trainer I have achieved Multiple Professional Accreditations. A Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed,  Fear Free Certified Professional, Certified Separation Anxiety Consultant, Canine First Aid Certified,  a Raising Resilient Dog Coach. I am most proud to have earned the BC SPCA Animal Kind Accreditation. 

I teach a variety of our group specialty classes, provide Behaviour Consultations, as well as one on one private training.  I also run our very popular Puppy Play & Learn Socialization Program & our Reactive & Fearful to Relaxed Programs.  

CCC regularly participates in community events, as well as fund raisers for a variety of non-profit rescues. To date CCC has helped to raise well over $5000 for New West Animal Services and $2500.00 Wild West Animal League.

Cathie can be reached at
Karly Hertel (she / her ) 
VSA-CDT, Cert. Certified Separation Anxiety Consultant

Karly is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy, and a Certified Separation Anxiety (SA) Pro Trainer.

Karly avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by watching seminars and webinars and keeping current on industry literature. 

She is a member of The Pet Professional Guild, the only membership organization for professionals who subscribe to the view that aversive methods should not be used - or even deemed necessary as part of a strategic training or behaviour modification program.
When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, Karly enjoys daily walks and adventures with her dogs, Milo, Archie, and Kona.

Karley teachings our Puppy Pre-school, Teen and Basic Life Skills Group classes. 

Karly can be reached at
Olivia Lam (she / her)
Trainer Apprentice
Olivia is currently apprenticing with Head Trainer Cathie, with the goal of become a certified dog trainer in the future. 

Like many dog trainers began, Olivia's Miniature Australian Shepherd, Darwin, struggles with reactivity. It was through this journey of reactivity training that Olivia developed an interest in dog training and care.  She has an immense love for dogs, and understands the importance and value in ongoing science based, and fear free education. 

Olivia assists with our Puppy Play and Learn Group Socialization program, and our social media pages. 

Questions, please email

~ Thank you Olivia ~
Holly Saitz, (she / her)

Holly is awaiting her Certified Training Partner accolades from the KPA Professional Dog Trainer Program she is enrolled in.

Holly has been working with dogs professionally for over 10 years.  She has successfully completed the Dog Trainer Foundations and the Puppy Start Right Preschool for Instructors courses through the world renowned Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour. 

Holly prides herself in having the knowledge of the latest science-based, and ethical techniques, when working with all dogs.  

Holly teaches our Puppy Start Right, Teen Manners, & Basic Life Skills & Manners Classes, Connected Loose Leash Walking & Recall Classes.  

Holly can be reached at
Sarah Giammarino (she / her)

She's is the creator of Dog Agility From Home, a game that's fun for owners and their pets to play and a great way to tire out your excited/smart dog!  

Over her 20 years of teaching and competing, she has worked with thousands of dogs.  Sarah has competed nationally in agility, placing 4th in Canada with her dog, Vegas.  She has a wide variety of professional development experience including other dog sports like rally, dog fitness, puller, top dog, nose work, dock diving, and disc.

As a teacher, Sarah specializes in working with families and kids. Her inclusive energy and clear teaching style means humans and dogs alike have a great time in their lessons.  It's her hope that teaching "Dog Agility From Home" at Cathies Canine Connection will give many more dogs and humans a fun way to train, exercise, and bond with their dog, at home, all in a small space. 

Sarah teaches learn to do 'DogAgility from home, and Rally Obedience. 

Questions, please email
Julia Schwark (she / her)
As One Dog Training Inc.
With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, specializing in learning theory, Julia discovered her love of teaching dogs and worked hard to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Trick Dog Trainer, evening earning the All Star Trainer of the Year for Trick instruction!

When not teaching, Julia is in the arena judging, or competing and training alongside her beloved furry teammates—Rikki, Flint, and SHAZAM! Together, they've clinched an impressive array of accolades, from Champion titles in Tricks, Agility, K9 Nosework, , Disc, Rally-Obedience, to captivating audiences on sets for commercials and television! 

In Julia's vast experience, she has witnessed the value in teaching dogs to be more aware of their bodies, not only providing great foundation skills,  but also helping to strengthen the bond between guardians and their dogs through having fun together! 

Julia teaches our Tricks and Body & Brain Games classes. 

Questions, please email
Melanie Sparks (she / her ) 
K9 Nose Work®-ANWI 

Melanie is currently finishing the last of her requirements to receive her CNWI, (Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor Certification). 

Melanie actively pursues ongoing education and professional development in K9 Nose Work® and Canine wellbeing, and is dedicated to humane, aversive free, dog training.

She is a member of several K9 Nose Work®Associations, currently volunteers at K9 Nose Work® Trials & Community Canine Events, and will soon be starting to volunteer with a local shelter.

Melanie actively participates in classes and runs her own dog, Finn. 
Melanie teaches our K9 Nose Work® Classes and is currently on a leave of absence.

Questions, please email
Janice Lin, BC (she/her) 
CPDT-KA, Graduate of the International Academy for Dog Trainers
Janice's K9 Training

With a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, specializing in learning theory, Janice realized the similarity between humans and dog's learning processes and turned her focus to dog training, specifically Tricks and Service Dog Training.  

Janice recently received her CPDT-KA accreditation and is now a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge assessed. She joins us in her committed to humane, fear free and science based training. 

Janice is currently on a leave of absence and is working to complete the Service Therapy Dog Program at the Animal Behaviour Institute. 

Questions, please email