Cathie's Canine Connection & Co. 

New Westminster's

Most Popular Destination 

for Puppy Socialization !

"We are Puppy Central"  Up to 24 Puppies Participate Weekly!
"Where New West Puppies, and surrounding areas, begin early learning
 & have fun while continuing to learn all the way through to adulthood."

Cathie Tims, CPDT-KA / Certified Separation Anxiety Pr0

Cathie's Canine Connection &  Co., our whole Team, has collectively been helping to Create Happy, Healthy Canine & Human Partnerships for decades! 

Cathie’s Canine Connection & Co. is a Dedicated Dog Training Center, the original in New Westminster, B.C.  

We provide a Bright, Comfortable, Spacious 600 sq.ft. training area, as well as a clean, sanitized, and ODOUR free environment. (no urine smell)  Check  out our Google Reviews

~ Mission Statement  ~

To Champion Positive, Connected, Happy & Healthy Relationships between Canines and their Families, Based on Trust, Communication and Mutual Understanding all while having fun together.  

We Aim to Empower all of our Clients, with the Knowledge and Understanding on the Scientific Principals of how dogs develop, learn, why they do what they do, and how to effect change. 

We make a difference in our Canine Community!  

~ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement ~

Our intentions are to foster and support a Diverse and Inclusive environment, that is free from Discriminatory and / or Intimidating behaviour. 

We support Equity-Seeking groups that include, but are not limited to, those represented by Gender Identity, Racialized Identity, Age, Persons with Health Conditions or Impairments of any kind, Sexual Orientation, Neurodiversity, and Socioeconomic status. 

In the spirit of reconciliation, we will also strive to develop and enhance existing Indigenous relationships.

Educated & Knowledgabe Educated in the scientific principals  of  dog training, proven to be  the most effective and successful, for long term results.
All combined, our 6 trainers bring decades of hands on experience to you.  We  are committed to setting you and your dog up  for success. 

Veterinarian Recommended
Professional Memberships

Members of The International Association of Animal Behaviour ConsultantsPet Professional Guild. as well as specialty training memberships.

Client Testimonial:

"Cathie has been very easy to talk to and has a plethora of knowledge about reactive dogs. She was very accommodating to our personal needs and answered questions in a clear manner. She has provided many learning resources about training and dog body language, as well as opportunities for us to practice our training.  She offers a semi-weekly reactive dog meet which is an excellent way to practice training in a controlled environment. It's free or by donation (to the local animal shelter) so I would recommend it to anyone seeking such opportunities. If you are looking for a trainer who uses only positive reinforcement and no averse tools or training methods, Cathie is the one for you!"
—Irene Choi
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