There are many reasons that one may prefer, or need to work privately with us, in a private training setting.  

This is especially necessary for reactive, shy/fearful, or overly excitable dogs who struggle around others, or overly stimulating environments.  Many people too, just prefer working one on one. 

While Cathie's Canine Connection & Co. Inc. offers the most group class options, days and times, in New Westminster, schedules don't always align.  

60 Minute Private Training Sessions

 Complex Behavioural Challenges require an Initial 90 Minute Consultation

▪ In addition to Complex Behaviour Challenges <<< must have had prior 90 minute behaviour consultation ▪ Kids / Babies & Dog ▪ Puppy Training ▪ Loose Leash Walking ▪ Come when Called ▪ Grooming / Vet Exams (cooperative care) ▪ Mat / Place training  ▪ Counter surfing ▪ Barking ▪ Jumping  ▪ Door Manners /Safety ▪ Crate training

During the session: 
  • We will discuss and set your training goals.
  • Teach you how to observe and reward preferred behaviours. 
  • Support you in building a relationship with your dog, based on mutual communication and understanding.
  • Begin teaching foundation skills, followed by step by step training, in order to achieve your goals.
  • Teach you how to create optimal learning opportunities.
  • Follow the session with a follow up email, with the step by step instructions for each exercise, as well as additional resources as needed. 
Cost:  Packages start at $155.00 per session 
Booking Private Training
(Current wait time up to 2 weeks)
Cathie's Private Sessions are generally held within regular business hours.  
So in order to meet, like any appointment, you may need to take a short time off of work.

Step 1. Click >>> HERE <<< to purchase your 60 minute Private Training Package. 
Step 2. Your user profile will automatically receive a credit for each session you purchase 
Step 3. Check your email for a welcome to CCC email, which includes a link to our Exclusive Private Booking Calendar.  If you do not receive this in a time manner, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM FOLDER.
Step 4. Click on the booking calendar link, select an available day and time that suits your schedule, and follow the prompts to complete your booking.