A Behaviour Consultation is for Specific issues such as: 

- Separation Anxiety 
- Raising Resilient Dogs Framework
- Help with you New Puppy
- A New to you Dog, set up for success (rescue/adoption)
- Shy / Nervous
Reactive on leash
- Fearful
- Destructive Behaviour
- Aggression
- Unable to focus
- Doesn't accept being touched
- Protective of food, space, people (guarding) 
- Other

90 minute Behaviour  Consultation with Cathie includes:

  • First we will go over your behaviour intake form together. 
  • This will give you the opportunity to share any additional information you'd like me to know. 
  • You will then have the opportunity to share examples / scenarios around any concerning behaviours you have shared. I may ask questions to gather more specifics.  
  • I will explain what I feel drives these behaviours.
  • I will teach you about management & prevention to better cope with your current situation, easing some pressure for you. 
  • You will learn how applying Science & Reward Based, Positive Training methods can effect change, and I will give you some tips to apply right away.
  • Lastly, I will share my training recommendations, and given time, I may include some specific foundation training exercises. 
  • A follow up email will be sent to you.  Please allow up to one week to receive this.
Cost:  $23o.00 plus taxes
Location:  305 Cedar Street, New Westminster, unless previously arranged otherwise.  

*NOTE regarding reactive Dogs* 
We have no need to see your dog's behaviour to understand the situation.  It is completely unnecessary, and unethical, to put your dog into a situation where it is uncomfortable, just so that we can see it.  We know what questions to ask to understand the behaviour challenges you may be having

Our Service Area

New Westminster (including Queensborough)
As well as bordering areas  of Burnaby & Coquitlam.
Outside service areas, subject to a travel fee.   
Virtual sessions by ZOOM, available WORLDWIDE.

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