Our Amazing Volunteers!

We are extremely blessed to have these wonderful people helping us every week with our Puppy Play &  Learn Program.  

They tell me all the time, that watching and cuddling with the puppies is so wonderful.  

Amy Rampfl (she / her) 

Growing up, dogs were always a part of Amy's family, so Amy has always had a passion for caring for and playing with dogs. 

Amy officially became a "dog mama" herself, in the spring of 2021.  She and her partner rescued a pup, Osa, from Mexico. Osa happily joins them on all their frequent outdoor adventures. They took several CCC classes with Osa.
Amy volunteers on Thursday evenings with Puppy Play & Learn, helping to ensure that all the puppies have positive experiences. 

She loves meeting new families, and learning more from Cathie about dogs 

Lileth Arellano (she / her )

Lileth is passionate about dogs. She attends New Westminster Secondary school and is very active in drama and theatre.
Lileth volunteers on Wednesdays with Puppy Play  & Learn.  She has a very playful and narrative approach with both the pawrents and the puppies. 
She loves playing with and cuddling the puppies, and is always ready to give Cathie a hand in any way, like moving props and helping to managing the play area. 

Jenna Beetstra (she / her)

Coming soon.

Abby Hardwick (she / her)

Abby attends New West Secondary School and is very active in drama and theatre.  In her spare time she loves to draw. 

Abby volunteers on Thursday evenings with Puppy Play & Learn. She loves dogs and is absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to  help Cathie with Puppy Play & Learn, and cuddling and playing with the puppies.  She has her own puppy named Leo, a Pug, currently attending our Teen Manners class