Our Amazing PPL Volunteers!

We are extremely blessed to have these wonderful students from New Westminster Secondary school, helping us every week with our Puppy Play &  Learn Program.  

They say that building up their volunteer hours for necessary school credits, while watching and cuddling puppies is "So Awesome!" 

We agree! 
Abby Hardwick (she / her)

Abby attends New West Secondary School and is very active in drama and theatre.  In her spare time she loves to draw. 

Abby volunteers on Wednesday evenings, and sometimes on Sunday afternoon's Puppy Play & Learn.  She loves dogs and is absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to  help Cathie with Puppy Play & Learn, and cuddling and playing with the puppies.  She has her own dog named Leo, who has participated in our training programs.

~ Thank you Abby ~

Lileth Arellan (she / her )
Lileth is passionate about dogs. She attends New Westminster Secondary school and is very active in drama and theatre.
Lileth volunteers on Wednesdays with Puppy Play  & Learn.  She has a very playful and narrative approach with both the pawrents and the puppies. 
She loves playing with and cuddling the puppies, and is always ready to give Cathie a hand in any way, like moving props and helping to managing the play area.
~ Thank you Lileth~

Delaney Van Sickle (she/they)

Delaney has a great love of dogs, and has her own dog Kona, a Brittnay Spaniel.  They also attend New West Secondary.   

Delany is always ready to step in and volunteer anytime, and really enjoys teaching the puppies tricks, like how to nose to hand target, and loves helping the really curious puppies try out our props, like the tunnel, wobble board, tent and teeter!  

Her family recently spent a couple of months traveling various places, like Germany. 

~ Thank you Delaney ~