Did you know that dogs highly benefit developmentally, from learning body awareness? 
To reach their fullest potential, our dogs rely on our guidance to enhance coordination and body awareness.  

Body and Brain games is a SUPER FUN, and FABULOUS way we can engage with our dogs while we provide them with valuable mental stimulation and enrichment.  Why not have fun together to achieve the best in your dog? 

Whether it's hiking, dog sports, or long walks on the beach in your dog's future, this course will see your dog moving forward with more strength, self agency and confidence!

Body & Brain Games, FRIDAY EVENINGS @ 6:30pm - August 16th Start (4 SPOTS AVAIL)

Body & Brain Games - for dogs 6+months, can be adapted for younger pups (no pre-requisite)  Start date: Friday,  August 16th, 2024   End date: Friday, September 6th, 2024 Time:  6:15pm - 7:15pm PDT Yo...

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4 available slots.

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