Policies & Procedures


Payment must be made in full, prior to the date of service or appointment unless otherwise arranged with Cathie’s Canine Connection. 


Scheduling of Initial Consultations and private lessons are based on a first come first serve basis. After your initial consultation you can book your appointments HERE.


Training walks and group training services are both waitlisted at this time. CLICK HERE to be added to the waitlist and we will let you know where they are available. 

Additional information:

Acceptable equipment: harness, preferably a front clip (‘no-pull') harness6 foot leash (not retractable)flat buckle collar, no chain at all halti or gentle leader head collar approved muzzleWe use food, play, attention, access to resources as a reward during training.  

Please ensure that your dog is hungry for the training session by feeding a half portion of the preceding meal, and bring the remainder to classes/sessions in a treat pouch.  We request that you use a training pouch for easy access because timing of the delivery of food rewards is crucial to the dog’s ability to understand and learn.  

Attendance /  Children:  It is very important for the dog’s, and your success, that there is one primary and dedicated handler who attends all the classes/sessions.  Children are encouraged to attend and participate in class(es)/session(s), and will need to remain seated unless working with their dog(s).  

Attending children, under the age of 6 years, should be supervised by an alternate caregiver so that the primary handler can remain focused.  Children under the age of 12 may not hold the leash during outdoor classes, unless in a secure and confined area and approved by the trainer.  Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Health & Temperament:  If the dog(s) is sick, or has a communicable disease or illness, it is not permitted to partake in class(es)/session(s)/walk(s). We may inform your Veterinarian of any health or severe behaviour concerns. We may also need written confirmation from your Veterinarian that your dog(s) can return to class(es)/session(s)/walk(s).  

You must disclose if your dog has food allergies, is not neutered, or not spayed, so that measures may be taken in an effort to reduce any associated risks.  If your dog(s) is in season (heat) it may not attend. Check your local jurisdiction for by laws in this regard. 

*Please ensure your dog(s) is up to date on necessary vaccines or has had a recent titre test* 

Bite History:  If your dog(s) has a bite history, you must disclose this on the registration form. The dog(s) may be required to wear a muzzle, as approved by Cathie’s Canine Connection, in class(es)/session(s)/walk(s).  

If your dog(s) is not yet muzzle trained, additional training sessions will likely be required in order to ensure that the muzzle is introduced to the dog(s) in the correct way, and so that the dog is comfortable. 

At any time, should the Cathie’s Canine Connection deem that there is a risk to the trainer or the public, we reserve the right to suspend the classes/session(s)/walk(s) until such time that reasonable arrangements have been made to ensure everyone’s safety.    

Guarantee: There is absolutely NO guarantee of training success with your dog(s), because it is completely dependant on the handlers ongoing efforts.  We may provide weekly lessons and occasional handouts on subject matter to support you, however you are responsible to take notes and practice as instructed.  

Should we feel that your dog is displaying behaviours that are out of scope of experience, or better referred to a Vet Behaviourist, we will do our best to refer and redirect you.

Dog Walking:  Dogs will be on leash with trainer / handler at all times and will never be left unattended.  We do not allow our clients dog(s) to meet other dogs or people while out on walks.  This is for everyone’s safety.  

On occasion, unlawfully off leash dogs may suddenly appear in our proximity, we will do our best to avoid contact.  Dog walk time begins upon our arrival to your home.  The time required for dressing the dog, (gear on and off), and drying / cleaning up the dog is factored into the walk time.  

If the dog has soiled the house, we will clean this up, this is also factored into the walk time.  Please ensure you provide cleaning supplies and inform us of their whereabouts.   

Due to potential food allergies / sensitivities, clients are responsible for providing food / treats for use on walks. 

Keys:  Client’s keys/fob and the like, will be kept on our person during walks, and locked and secured in our office when not in use. Alarm codes must be provided to us and updated as needed and will be kept confidential. We are not responsible for any false alarm.   

Photos / Videos and Social Media:  Quite frequently photos and / or videos are taken of your dog in training, which may be posted to Social Media, like Facebook and Instagram.  Please let us know if you prefer that we do not share your dog’s photos.  If we have posted a photo in error, we will promptly remove it upon learning of the same.  

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Your paid class/session/walk has been reserved for you.  If you need to cancel, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, or unfortunately the class/session will be forfeited. With appropriate notice, the missed class can be rescheduled up to 2 times and must be taken within 6 weeks of the original class/session/walk, after which you will have forfeited.

All Classes/sessions/walks are non-refundable:  We are happy to give you a credit for services (excluding Puppy Play & Learn). This credit can be transferred to friends or family, within our service area, if deemed an appropriate fit.  Any Credit will expire 3 months from the date of the last class participated in.