SATURDAY Mornings - (May 4th Start) - Puppy Start Right Preschool (9-20 weeks of age)

Puppy Start Right Preschool is for puppies from 9-20 weeks of age. 

Each week covers a specific subject :  how to bond with your puppy, body handling to prepare for grooming & vet exams, proper socialization, confidence building and how to deal with developmental fear periods. 

Start date: Saturday, May 4th 2024 (No Class Saturday May 18th due to long weekend)
End date: Saturday, June 1st, 2024
Time:  9:30am - 10:30am PST

Your Instructor is - Karly Hertel, VSA-CDT, Cert. SAPT
Victoria Stilwell Academy - Certified Dog Trainer

Small class size - 5 puppies maximum  
A maximum of 2 persons per dog may attend.  

This Science & Reward Based Training course is 4 weeks in length, 60 minutes each week.

Every puppy has it's own safe space, where it can be freely off leash, and where guardians can be relaxed and comfortable.   Visual barriers may be temporarily used if puppies struggle to settle.  

What is covered in classes:

  • Positive socialization to people, dogs, sounds
  • Body handling to prepare for grooming, vet examination and daily care
  • Confidence building through exploring novel objects, surfaces, obstacles and props 
  • Support and education around puppy developmental needs,  housetraining, puppy biting, jumping, and more. 
  • 'Mine' Resource guarding prevention
  • Introduction to foundation skills like impulse control, sit, down, stay, come, and settle
  • Intro to loose leash walking and recall foundation skills
  • Controlled off-leash play and education around supporting healthy play mates / styles

All puppies are required to have had a veterinarian health check, and to provide proof of having had a minimum first set of puppy vaccinations, no sooner than one week prior to class start date.

Location: Training Center -  305 Cedar Street,  New Westminster, BC
Cost - $260.00 plus tax 

Questions, please email

* We are unable to offer make up classes, please make arrangements to attend all classes.
  There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS for unscheduled missed classes.