Tricks & Games Class

Tricks & Games Class! For Ages 5mo. +
(There is no pre-requisite for attending this Fun Class!)

The SOME training is better than NO training,  LIMITED TIME OFFER
We know these days that people are traveling a lot,  vacations are abundant now with Covid Restrictions lifted, and so until Labour Day weekend...  if you know in advance of registering that you will be away and will a miss class, (maximum of 1 session), let us know the date and don't pay for it!  

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Start Date: Sunday - April 16th, 2023
End Date: Sunday - May 14th, 2023
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm PDT

Your Instructor is:  Janice Lin, BA / Janice's K9 Training 
Academy of Canine Trainers 

A maximum of 2 persons per dog may attend.  

This Science & Reward Based Training course is 5 weeks in length, 60 minutes each week.

Who doesn't love to show off their Fancy Dog's Tricks and playing with their Dog?   

Some of the great benefits of trick training are: 

  • Learn effective communication and understanding through partnership & play with your dog
  • Build your dog's confidence through body awareness
  • Learn how to mark and reward to shape behaviours (tricks) 
  • Add creative games to your tool box for those Rainy indoor days
  • Provide fitness, a full body work out for your dog. 
  • Mental gymnastics (enrichment) to build cognitive strength

Some of the Tricks we will teach: 

  • Nose Target (Touch)
  • Chin Target
  • Snoot - Put muzzle through heart ❤  hands 
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Leg Weave
  • Take a Bow
  • Sit Pretty
  • Spin / Twirl
  • Shake a Paw
  • Wave

Location: Training Center - 305 Cedar Street,  New Westminster, BC
Cost - $225.00 plus tax 

Questions, please email

* We are unable to offer make up classes, please make arrangements to attend all classes