As a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Cathie Can Help!
If your dog exhibits any of these behaviours when left alone, or away from 'their special person'...

  Excessive Barking  Howling or Whining House Soiling (pee and / or poop)  Trembling or Shaking Destructive Chewing ▪ Excessive self grooming, self harm ▪ Scratching at doors or crates, trying to escape ▪ Pacing around the house ▪ Heavy Panting, Vomiting  Drooling ▪ Frantic attempts to stop you from leaving ▪ Frantic greetings on your return  Refusal to eat
...this May be Separation Anxiety.

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with Cathie Tims, Cert. S.A. Pro

If your Vet recommends working with a qualified SA Trainer, your pet insurance company may reimburse you a portion of the SA training cost!
Cathie Tims, CTDT-KA, Cert. S.A. Pro, is a graduate of Julie Naismith's SA Pro Certification Program.  Julie Naismith is world renowned, and a leading expert on Separation Anxiety, and has published several books on the subject. 

Sometimes we find during the SA assessment, that the behaviour issues are actually NOT Separation Anxiety, and that some lifestyle changes can resolve the problem quite easily. 

Unfortunately though, there is no quick fix for true, diagnosed Separation Anxiety, (SA).  

In that case, please know that Life can return to normal again, but for now, take a deep breath and know that.... 

" We'll be with you on this healing journey, to support you, and your dog."

Treating SA takes time, so  you will need to be prepared to commit to a minimum of least 4 weeks of working together, often partnered with your Veterinarian for the treatment or anxiety. 

Step 1.  Book a 90 Minute Behaviour Consultation directly on our website.  

  • Cathie will meet with you on that date and time 
  • You will have the opportunity to share your story.  Cathie's own dog had separation anxiety, and so she understands! 
  • Together, you will go over your intake form, your dog's history, provide details about your dog's separation related behaviours, and what you may have tried so far.
  • Cathie will then take you and your dog through an active Separation Anxiety assessment.
  • At the end of the assessment, Cathie will explain, in detail, the results of the assessment and will give you her recommendations. 

Step 2. With your commitment to a 4 week program, Cathie will provide you with the following: 

A Discount Promo Code, to deduct the amount you already paid
 for the Behaviour Consultation, from the total cost of the first 4 week program!
  • Detailed instructions on how to proceed with the training program and how it works. 
  • Up to 5 customized daily training plans per week,  for you to work on with your dog.
  • Ongoing Support through Whatsapp, or by text, during regular business hours. 
  • Personal Feedback on every training session completed.
  • Reviewing videos of your training sessions.
  • A Live weekly training session with Cathie, so that she can observe you and your dog run through a training plan and measure your dog's progress.  
This weekly session is also an opportunity to check in on how you are coping, and offer support.  We know that living with a dog with SA can be very isolating, stressful and upsetting.  

Cost: A Minimum 4 Week Program:  $800.00 plus taxes.   

Location:  Separation Anxiety Training is ONLY provided Remotely. 
Other than early training plans, your dog must be observed  while alone. 

Note:  Sometimes there may be an underlying health issue contributing to these alone time behaviours, or anxiety medication may be necessary.  We recommend consulting your Veterinarian to rule this out.