I Think my Dog Has Separation Anxiety! 
If your dog exhibits any of these behaviours when left alone, or away from 'their special person'... 

 ? Excessive Barking ? Howling or Whining ?House Soiling (pee and / or poop) ? Trembling or Shaking ?Destructive Chewing?Excessive self grooming, self harm?Scratching at doors or crates, trying to escape?Pacing around the house ?Heavy Panting - Vomiting - Drooling Frantic attempts to stop you from leaving Frantic greetings on your return ? Refusal to eat? 
... this May be Separation Anxiety.

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with Cathie Tims, Cert. S.A. Pro

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Cathie Tims, is a Certified SA Trainer and can help you, help your dog, not only learn to cope, but to feel relaxed and comfortable while away from their person, or left alone.  

Life can return to normal again, but for now, take a deep breath and know that.... 

" We'll be with you on this journey, to support you, and your dog."

There is no quick fix.  

The training process for SA is science based, gradual exposure to comfortable alone time, even if this means only 5 seconds of alone time to start!  Yes, starting with just a few seconds is very common!  

It will take time, so  you need to be prepared to commit to a minimum of least 4 weeks of working together to start.

Cathie will create up to 5 customized daily plans per week,  for you to work on with your dog, and will meet with you remotely, at least once per week to do a live session,  so that Cathie can observe you and your dog run through a plan to measure progress.  This weekly session is also an opportunity to check in on how you are coping, and offer support.  We know that living with a dog with SA can be very isolating, stressful and upsetting.  

A Minimum 4 Week Program:  $800.00 plus taxes 
(Less your intake fee, when you book) 
Location:  Separation Anxiety Training is ONLY provided Remotely 

Note:  Sometimes there may be an underlying health issue contributing to these alone time behaviours.  We recommend consulting your Veterinarian to rule this out.