Puppy Play & Learn Socialization Program (PPL)  Guardians attend!  

Your Puppy's first PPL is FREE!  
No purchase required! 
(Up to age of 20 weeks)

"Expect nothing less for YOUR New Fur Baby!" Cathie Tims, CPDT-KA

About our program... It's so much fun to watch fluppy puppies play! 

We offer OPEN ENROLMENT accepting puppies aged 9 weeks - 20 weeks with first vaccinations. We may accept puppies up to and beyond 20 weeks, if shy / fearful and / or very small. 

Join your puppy at Puppy Play & Learn, and watch your furbaby learn healthy and appropriate play, build confidence, practice social skills and communication, explore new things, learn bite inhibition and so much more.  Pups don't actually have to play to learn, some are more comfortable observing where we will give them a safe space to do so.

One hopes that your puppy's breeder began your pup's critical early socialization long before coming home to you.  The 'window of opportunity' for optimum socialization closes as early as 12  weeks.  

Groups are carefully planned by Experienced  Multi Accredited Professional Dog Trainer, Cathie Tims, to ensure that every pup has the best opportunity for a safe, positive and successful social experience.  

If you'd like to purchase Puppy Play & Learn sessions, select your package of 1, 2 or 3 sessions (scroll down).  Payment secures your pups spot for the next available session.  

Once completed* you will receive a confirmation of your order, and a welcome email with more information

Location:  305 Cedar Street, New Westminster. 

* your pup must meet our vaccination requirements 
** we require at least 3 puppies to run a group

Location for PPL 

Play and Learn Sessions are 40 minutes long and are currently on Wednesday & Thursday evenings at 5:45 pm and 6:45  pm, 

held at Cathie's Canine Connection Training Center, 305 Cedar Street, New Westminster. BC

Sessions & Packages

Purchase additional sessions below. 

ONE Session $19.25

TWO Sessions $34.50

THREE Sessions $45.75

"No Balanced Training, being ‘Alpha‘ or ‘Whispering’ here!" - Cathie Tims

"Cathie and her team are amazing trainers with tons of valuable knowledge, any pup or older dog is in great hands with her!"
—Manda Beth
"Puppy play and learn is super helpful for puppy socialization! Cathie is great!"
—Dorota Staszczak
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