Play & Learn Socialization Program
*** For Puppies  Aged 9 to 20 Weeks ***
Your Puppy's first PPL Session is FREE!  
No purchase required!

Join your Puppy at New Westminsters Dedicated Training Center for 1 or more Weekly 40 minute Sessions.  

Sessions are held every Wednesday  evening, at 5:30pm & 6:30pm
as well as on 
Sunday afternoons @ 3:45 pm & 4:45pm. 
Each session is 40 minutes long with a short potty break mid-way. 

"Expect nothing less than Credentials and Experience, for YOUR New Fur Baby!" 
Cathie Tims, CPDT-KA, Certified Separation Anxiety Pro

We proclaim that Cathie's Canine Connection's (CCC) Puppy Play & Learn Group Socialization Program is SAVING LIVES!

" The Primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life."     That's Only 12 Weeks Old!

"While puppies’ immune systems are still developing during these early months, the combination of maternal immunity, primary vaccination, and appropriate care makes the risk of infection relatively small compared to the chance of death from a behaviour problem."- The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Position Statement on Puppy Socialization <<< click to read the full statement 
We are Making a Difference in our 
Canine Community! 
We are helping to shape local young puppies into confident and happy puppies, so that they are in the best position for success as they continue moving through development.  
Groups are carefully planned with no more than 6 puppies, paired by size, age, and temperament. Our trained volunteers, up to two additional staff per group session, are invaluable in supporting the trainer, and love the extra puppy cuddles. 

With upwards of 24 puppies coming through our group socialization program each week... Cathie's Canine Connection IS the most popular 'Local Destination for Puppy Socialization' in New Westminster, and surrounding areas, including Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Surrey.

During Puppy Play  &  Learn You'll get to watch, learn and observe your puppy while it safely:

  • Meets new People
  • Meets other puppies
  • Practices dog / dog social skills
  • Plays or safely observes other puppies in play
  • Experience Novel objects / surfaces and sounds
  • Build confidence
  • Learn to inhibit their bite through play
  • Learn body awareness
Especially Shy or Fearful Puppies are held in our arms for comfort and a sense of safety, slowly integrated and carefully managed, to ensure the experience is positive and successful.

Extra bouncy and intense play is just as important to support, with pens, breaks, gentle interruptions, also introduced to quieter activities. 
Step 1

Complete our Puppy Intake Form, then check your email for our 'Welcome to PPL'.  If you don't find it, check your spam folder. 

It's that Easy! 
Step 2

Every Monday you'll get a reminder email about the upcoming weeks' PPL sessions, along with a link to purchase more Sessions.

 Your Pup's first PPL is free!

Step 3 

Every Tuesday, early evening you'll get an email with the complete PPL schedule with your puppy's placement, as well as our location and  instructions. 

Then Come and HAVE FUN! 

"No Balanced Training, being ‘Alpha‘ or ‘Whispering’ here!" - Cathie Tims

Sessions & Packages

ONE Session $25.75

TWO Sessions $39.75

THREE Sessions $55.95

"Cathie and her team are amazing trainers with tons of valuable knowledge, any pup or older dog is in great hands with her!"
—Manda Beth
"Puppy play and learn is super helpful for puppy socialization! Cathie is great!"
—Dorota Staszczak