As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - CPDT-KA I am committed to continuing education, and it is my goal to educate my clients, Canine Guardians, about Science, Based (learning theory) & Humane Dog Training. so they are in the best position for success with their dog.  

To achieve the preferred behaviour, the learner must be taught in a way that can be understood.  First though, we need to ensure the dog is in good health, that concerning behaviours are not the result of illness.  

Less desirable or concerning behaviours are often a symptom of some basic need requiring more fulfillment, like appropriate rest and exercise, mental enrichment, bonding with family.  Adjustments to the home environment and daily routine may be set up and managed in alternate ways to ensure that the learner feels safe and / or does not have the need or opportunity to rehearse those behaviours.

Dog Training takes time, practice and commitment, and sometimes, maybe even often, we find that guardians are quite satisfied with just the implementation of management protocols alone to extinguish behaviours.  It's just not in their wheelhouse at that time, or maybe ever. 

We are most happy to support this kind of healthy choice for both the guardians and their dog.  Always ready to take the next step in training when the guardians and dog are ready, willing and able, training goals are set, expectations mitigated, and learning can begin.

Myself personally, I have always been very transparent, an empath, solely believing in and always practicing the philosophy that 'kindness begets kindness'.  It is not always easy. It seems that overt kindness in this current world in which we live, can be perceived as suspicious, even misunderstood, yet I remain. This is who I am.  I feel, I love and I care. 

I also endeavour to practice kindness to myself, and forgiveness for my imperfections.  I believe that taking good care of myself, puts me in the best position to understand support you. 

~ Cathie ~