New Puppy Package 

 ~ Let us Support You Through Early Puppy Raising ~

(Up to 20 weeks of age)

We know that the first few weeks after your new puppy comes home can be super stressful, overwhelming, and confusing with all that advice out there.  

We will guide you along the path for success.  
All new puppies get a Home Coming Present from Cathie! 

The New Puppy Package provides 2.5 hours of private one on on training to discuss, and work on, the following: 
(not limited to) 

  • Teach your puppy to settle on a mat and relax while we chat. 
  • Outline your puppy's needs for appropriate rest, exercise, mental enrichment.  
  • House training 101, step by step instructions, and how to deal with those 'accidents'.
  • Nipping and biting, how to deal with this normal puppy behaviour.  
  • Destructive chewing, the importance of providing dedicated chewing DAILY.
  • Puppy proofing for safety.
  • What is Socialization?  Please... it's not dog parks! We'll explain why. 
  • Crate training.
  • Alone time, the importance of starting NOW!
  • Those crazy Zoomies!

Session 1: 90 minute Initial Consultation - Formal Consulting and Discussion. 
During this time we will discuss everything you need to know to set your puppy up for early success.  This is the best time for you to ask all your questions, to share any struggles you may be having with your puppy, so that we can coach you for success!   

Session 2: 60 minute - Follow up Session
This follow up gives you the opportunity to review any ongoing struggles, and given time, we'll do some foundation active training, introducing Husbandry, Learning a soft mouth (bite inhibition), nose to hand targeting, or whatever you want to work on!

*Cost:  $295.00 plus taxes

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Join our Very Popular Puppy Play & Learn Program

This program is a wonderful addition to the new puppy package! Your puppy will have fun while interacting with playing with other puppies. Socialization at its best! 

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