New Puppy Package (8 - 16 Weeks)

Do you have a new puppy between the ages of 8 to 16 weeks?

Our New Puppy Package is  * 2.5 hours of private training, split over two private sessions, covering Everything Puppy!  

* 90 minute session followed by an additional 60 minute session to help you start your puppy training journey in the most positive way!  

The following topics will be covered, but sessions are not limited to, the following: proper socialization, house training 101, puppy proofing, crate training, long term play area, rest, exercise, bite inhibition, chew toy training, mental enrichment and more! 

Plus your puppy will receive a special homecoming gift from Cathie!

To get started with this package, first check out securely online, then set up your account on our website and you'll be able to login and book your initial consultation appointment. 

Checkout Securely Online

Start your puppy training journey by ordering your new puppy package securely online. Included in your package is an Initial Consultation and a Private Training Session.

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After you order your package, you'll receive an email to set up your account on our website. After you set up your account head over to the booking page to book your initial consultation!

Join a Puppy Play & Learn Group

Our very popular puppy play & learn groups are a wonderful addition to the new puppy package! your puppy will learn social skills and have fun with other puppies too!