K9 Nose Work®, Intro to Nose Work

K9 Nose Work®,  Intro to Nose Work .  Once completed, students can move on to Intro to Odour! 
(no prerequisite)

The SOME training is better than NO training,  LIMITED TIME OFFER
We know these days that people are traveling a lot,  vacations are abundant now with Covid Restrictions lifted, and so until Labour Day weekend...  if you know in advance of registering that you will be away and will a miss class(maximum of 1 session), let us know the date and don't pay for it!  

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Start date: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 
End date: Tuesday, July 4th, 2023
Time:  5:15pm- 6:15 pm  PDT 
A total of 6 sessions!

* A maximum of 2 persons per dog may attend.  

** Each dog does its' search individually, while others remain in the car.  Dog guardians must make their own provisions to account for warmer weather. 

What Is Nose Work? 

K9 Nose Work®  is an activity for all dogs of every age, breed and ability, as well as for handlers of any age, or experience.  

It is a fun, dog-driven sport that teams a dog and handler to search for odours.

This class is especially good for reactive and shy / fearful dogs, because only one dog searches in the room at a time offering a safe & controlled environment.

Location: Training Center - 305 Cedar Street,  New Westminster, BC
Cost - $255.00 plus tax

Questions, please email Cathie @ ccc.cpdt@gmail.com

* We are unable to offer make up classes, please make arrangements to attend all classes.
  There are NO REFUNDS for unscheduled missed classes.