Basic Skills & Manners

Basic Skills & Manners is for pups over 20 weeks of age. 

This program is 5 weeks in length. Locations will likely be outdoors, location may varying weekly, all in New West or on the Burnaby Border. 

You'll learn skills such as: Eye contact, meet AND greet, meet NO greet, loose leash walking games, nose to hand targeting, mat / station training, move away, off / leave it, give / take, wait, intro to come when called. Each week will follow with homework.

Extremely inclement weather will result in classes being held by ZOOM, or if isolation is ordered by PHA.  The news is looking good though for the return to some normalcy. 

Location: Armstrong Elementary School Field, 8757 Armstrong Ave, Burnaby BC (bordering New West).

*Location subject to change for variety.