For Dogs over 2 years of age.  A dog’s age is no indication of their capacity to be trained, unlike the expression, 'you can't teach and old dog new tricks'.  You absolutely can!  Perhaps you have a newly adopted dog, or you've decided it's time to start training, better late than never.  For Teen grads, this is your opportunity to Level up your skills
Making sure your dog is properly trained is the responsibility of every dog owner—not just for your dog’s welfare, but for your own peace of mind as well.   Developing mutual communication and understanding between you and your dog will make for a happier more rewarding relationship.  A dog that understands expectations has a better chance of success while out and about in the real world, and will be welcome to go more places with you!

Basic Life Skills & Manners (4 SPOTS LEFT) - MONDAY Afternoon - July 8th Start

Basic Life Skills & Manners  is for any dog OVER 16+ months.  This is also great for our Teen Manners grads to continue building and refining your skills! (no prerequisite) Start date: Monday, July 8t...

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