Dog Boarding with Cathie!

When looking for boarding, a 'home-away-from-home' for your dog, what better place than with your own dog trainer?   In this case, you get what you pay for. 

Cathie already knows you, knows and loves your dog.  Your dog knows Cathie, loves her treats... and probably likes her... a tiny bit.  😏  

 * This service is exclusively for existing training clients.* 

Being a Certified Professional Dog TrainerFear Free Certified and Canine First Aid Certified, Cathie is in an excellent position to understand and support your dog while in her care.
Be it a for an evening, a weekend or a longer, you won't be having to leave your dog with a stranger! 

Your dog will have companionship with Cathie, her husband David, Coco belle, and up to 1 additional carefully selected dog in care, as well as the following:

  • LOTS of cuddles, and one on one attention and play if your dog enjoys it.
  • Consistency of the same science-based and force-free training methods you learned in your training sessions.
  • A cozy house with room for your dog to move about freely, to take a nap on the couch, or share in some indoor play time. 
  • Quieter resting spaces for those who need.
  • Structured naps and outdoor play time.
  • A large fully fenced back yard for your dog to sunbathe, catch some shade, romp and roll around, under close supervision, always. 
  • Double gated entry / exit gates to the back yard. 
  • A fully fenced, covered porch overlooking the back yard. 
  • A smaller fully fenced front yard
  • Toys are plentiful, if everyone shares nicely.  Leave your dog's toys at home, so they don't get eaten! 
  • Separate areas for meals, and chewing time.
  • Interactive food puzzles, and slow feeders are in abundance. 
  • A fully fenced and secure, private potty area. 
  • 'Field trips' to the training center
Have we missed anything?  Does your dog have special needs?  Let us know in our Dog Boarding Intake Form. 


3 hour trial stay - $30.00 plus tax
Each 24 hours, base rate - $70.00 plus tax

Additional fees: 

Puppies under 6 months -  Add $20.00 per 24 hours, excluding 3 hour trial visit
( potty training and dedicated chewing training included in puppy rate )
Adolescents 6 - 24 months -  Add $10.00 per 24 hours, excluding 3 hour trial visit

Statutory holidays and long weekends - Add $10.00 per 24 hours, including trial visit

* Specialty care, requested training while in care, will be at an extra cost,  to be determined. 

Cathie's Canine Connection is fully insured through Profur Insurance

In an effort to ensure that all dogs' coming into care will have a happy, relaxing and harmonious experience and for the others in care, as well as Coco Belle and her humans, there are a few steps to take before booking. 

Step 1. Complete our intake form. You will receive an automatic email confirmation of the form's receipt.  Completing this form does not guarantee your dog will be accepted into care. 
Step 2.  Within a few business days, Cathie will contact you by email.
Step 3.  Trial visit, to assess boarding suitability.
Step 4.  Once approved to come into care, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the spot and dates. 
Step 5.  Pay the remaining balance on day of your dog's arrival into care. 
Step 6.  Pick up a Happy Dog!  

Due to Cathies extremely variable schedule, please be prepared to be flexible around drop off and pick up times.  All time regardless is billable.