Covid-19 Update

Active health checks

If any participant, including staff, assistants, or volunteers in our training programs feel any signs of illness in any way, has been, or potentially been in contact with someone with Covid 19 and / or a variant of, has travelled outside of the province of BC, or Canada, and is required to self isolate, do not enter the training center, and the session(s) will be postponed to a later date. 

Under this circumstance,  you will not be charged for last minute cancellation.  

Session health protocols 

  • Staff and visitors will sanitize hands prior to the session, and frequently as needed
  • A 3 layer mask is recommended in to be worn indoors at all times, and must cover the mouth and nose properly
  • Persons will maintain 2 meters distance at all times
  • Chairs and surfaces, toys, (when shared), as well as bathroom fixtures, will be sanitized between each group class / sessions
  • A maximum 2 persons per dog may attend sessions (we encourage you to consider having only one person attend)
  • Demonstrations, or handling of clients dogs, will only be performed as agreed upon by all parties and will sanitize their hands before and after handling the dog's leash.  2 meters distance will be maintained when passing the dog off 

*** Orders are changing frequently, so if you have different information, please let us know.   If our website has not been updated to reflect changes, the most recent order will automatically prevail ***

* updated  April 26, 2022

Let's all be part of the solution! - Cathie Tims