Training Classes

Our group training classes are all held outdoors, weather permitting. Alternatively, Zoom classes can be offered if outdoor sessions are not possible. The group class schedule and offerings and based on demand. If you are interested in joining a group class, check our Registration Page to see if there are any upcoming classes. In the event that there are no classes listed, you can fill out the waitlist form and we'll notify you when there is a class available.  

"I have had the pleasure of working with Cathie for a few weeks now, with her reactive dog training group and private lessons; she is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, able to answer questions/show corrections quickly, explains information and training well so that we have a clear understanding of what is going on/what is expected of us, and she is super fun and friendly too!

My dog Harrison is both reactive and fearful of many things, the poor guy. With Cathie’s help we have learned how to prevent triggering situations, how best to deal with them when they happen, how to train for calm, and teach him to be less reactive. We are still working towards goals and I am so excited for our next training session.

I would recommend Cathie to anyone and everyone who is looking to improve their relationship with their dog, their dog’s mental health, good habits, and a few tricks too."
—Amy Snook