Meet Cathie Tims, 

CPDT-KA, Cert. Sa Pro., RDC

Hi, I'd like to welcome you, and introduce myself! Check out our google reviews here.

I am a Multi Certified Canine Professional - Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  Fear Free Certified Trainer,  Separation Anxiety Certified Canine First Aid Certifiedas well as a Raising Resilient Dog Coach

Continuing my education is most important to me.  I will always strive to bring you the most current evidence based scientific training, which I also happen to love! 
I provide private consultations & assessmentsprivate and group training, and I also run our very popular Puppy Play & Learn Program with my trained volunteers.  

I also created a Walk & Train group for Reactive Dogs, a community volunteer program operated by donation. To date, we have raised over $5000 for local pet rescue. 

I have had a lifetime of living with and training my own dog companions, as well as a cat named Izzy, a pet mouse name Mylootka (Russian for tiny), several hamsters and a guinea pig.  

My first dog was a terrier cross named Chipper.  He joined our family when I was 2 years old and lived until he was 19 years old. We grew up together! 

In 2002, now with my own family, we adopted a dog but in 2004, this is really when my interest in dog training began, and ultimately becoming a Professionally Accredited Dog Trainer.   

I would like to share with you, that the dog training industry is unregulated and speak directly to this because this can reflect poorly on actual accredited trainers, like myself. 

This means that anyone, including direct competitors, may call themselves dog trainers.  They may say that they 'believe in education', 'don't need treats', are reward and r+ based, offering the same services at even higher rates, while failing to disclose methods being used, limited education and hands on experience.  Just Ask!  

Click here to read the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society for Animal Behaviour), position statement on 'How to choose a dog trainer'.

Some TV Celebrity, 'dog trainers', pseudo fix problem dogs within 15 minute segments. They sell award winning books and a lot of merchandise, promising YOU the quick fix.  Straight up... these Alpha, Dominance, Pack theory, methods of dog training are outdated, have been disproven, and have shown to be very harmful to the dog and to their human relationships.  Click here to read the AVSAB Dominance Position Statement.  

I would be happy to share highlights of my experience, ongoing education and my professional credentials with you anytime. Science is always evolving, as is my learning. 

How it all began... 

Cathie's adopted her first dog in 2002.  Cleo, was a beautiful 8 year old Belgian Sheepdog X.  Sadly, after only 18 months, Cleo passed away suddenly. 

In 2004, Cathie rescued her second dog, Cody, a Malamute X.  Cody was truly her soul dog.  It is the results that she got training Cody, that inspired her to begin her own career in dog training. She began volunteering as an assistant in puppy and dog training classes in North Vancouver.  In 2006, knowing that dog training was an unregulated industry, and wanting to find a more formal and structured learning environment,  Cathie found an established Training Company in Vancouver.  She was accepted into their two year trainer’s apprenticeship program and from 2008  - 2018, taught a variety of group classes.   Cathie has also participated in MANY classes, with all of her dogs, everything from Puppy Classes, Advanced, Canine Good Neighbour and Canine Sports, like Agility and Rally O.  

In 2010, after meeting the requirements of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers,  and passing their intensive 4 hour exam, Cathie obtained her professional designation CPDT-KA.  In order to maintain this professional designation, certificants are required to renew every 3 years by either re-taking the exam or by continuing their education (36 CEU'S), by completing courses seminars and webinars that are approved by CCPDT.  In 2020, Cathie also successfully received the Fear Free Certified Trainer designation and in 2022 received her Separation Anxiety Certification and is a Raising Resilient Dog Coach. 

In 2011, while continuing to teach group and private classes, Cathie opened her own successful dog walking and dog boarding business. Cathie’s Canine Care.

In 2019, she remodelled the company and changed the name to Cathie's Canine Connection, now offering PRIVATE TRAINING & GROUP CLASSES.  In 2022, Cathie's Canine Connection became incorporated and in 2023, has begun the process to change the name to Cathie's Canine Connection & Co. to be inclusive of our now 5 additional trainers. 

Cathie is very active in the New Westminster community.  She has volunteered in many capacities, including at Impact Parkinson’s, boxing with person’s (fighters) diagnosed with the disease, and as a moderator for several Canine related Facebook groups 

Cathie also founded and created a very successful, free community walk and train program for Reactive Dogs.  Currently on hiatus. This group provides clients, and anyone who struggles with walking their reactive dog,  a safe space to go with their dogs to practice calm, loose leash walking skills. Participation is completely free.  Donations are gratefully accepted and forwarded to New West Animal Services and other charities. We have raised many thousands of dollars.  

Cathie lives in New Westminster with her spouse and dog, Coco Belle, their 10 year old Field Spaniel raised from puppyhood, and deeply loves and remembers her soul dog Cody, Paddy, Taz, Cleo, Chipper and Ricky.